Born and raised in Abu Dhabi with Pakistani Heritage, Nida Tahir Shaheryar is based in Singapore. Nida’s mother played a pivotal role in igniting her passion for luxury clothing and fine tailoring.

From an early age of 8, she began to create awareness and educate her in the art of hand embroidery, textiles and the importance of quality. Today, her guidance and input are still of invaluable importance as the designer explores the techniques of hand embroidery in her own collections. ​Despite having a strong inclination towards designing and painting, the lack of support for art at school led Nida to apply to the University of Manchester to pursue her undergraduate degree in BA Economics. There she spent her college years and as fate would have it, had a brief encounter with her future husband to be.
​Three years later, she returned to Abu Dhabi and immediately started working for Citibank with endless opportunities ahead of her.

Feeling restless and unfulfilled for not being in a more creative field, Nida was determined to pursue her childhood dream and went on to study at Parsons School of Design in Paris. Soon after completing her studies, she got married and moved back to dubai for a year before making the move to Singapore, which is now home for her and her family.

​Since her time in Paris, Nida has dedicated herself to developing her womenswear clothing line and creating her signature style that is now evident in all her collections.